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A brawl over human scalps - which one has the treasure map on it?

Convention : Horisont VII - 2015
Rules : DreadStreets
Presenter :   Bjarke Christensen & Rasmus Wichmann
Estimated Time : 2 Hours
Participants : 3
Factions : Pirates, Musketeers and Freaks
Model types : 25-28mm infantry
Random Generator : 4D6
Scale : Skirmish
Game board : 2X2


Foolish Jim, the infamous pirate, has proven the veracity of his nickname. To the relief of many a merchant, he has accidentally put a bounty on his own scalp, along with every member of his crew. The Heroes hired for the job have just finished putting the scalps on display, when they realize that the scalps form a message. A message that speaks of treasure like no other. But, as always, instead of agreeing on making everyone rich, it's every band, mob and gang for itself...

Yes, DreadStreets is back for the 3rd time in a row. This time we will unravel the humble beginings of our "campaign mode."

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